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US has the maximum number of people that went to jail according to a survey and the figure is 2 million people, excluding those out on probation, those that went to rehabilitation or people who have already served the sentence. This figure only applies to grave crimes.

find public police recordsIf you want to check on people for violation of law, the public police records are the best way to go. These are not the same as criminal records, and they are not restricted to crime but also any interaction with the police is recorded, including all the complaints made against you, arrests, driving violations, sex offenses, gangs, drugs, violence and any such thing. There is other information as well, which includes traffic accidents, firearm permits, lost and found family members, address history, property, missing persons and so on.

Police records are checked usually when hiring people, and may be a part of the pre-hiring screening. These records may be accessible but the use of this information is restricted by law. Consent may have to be the person concerned before conducting this search.

These records can also be used as certification or good conduct and a clean record. When going abroad for further studies, this kind of a certification may be required or even when adopting a child, for hiring purposes etc.

Many a time, the local police are asked to issue a report of certification by checking the person’s credentials. Police have the right to prepare the report in a favorable or unfavorable light as they see fit.

Police records are given access for free but the problem is that they are not all stored at one place. They are stored in all the different states and may be even counties. This can be a most time consuming and impossible task. This is where the paid services come in and they are preferable by most people.

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